CL 600 (1996 - 1998) C 140
CL 600 (1996 - 1998) C 140

CL 600 (1996 - 1998) C 140

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Introduced for the first time at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in 1992 and built a total of 26,022 times by the end of production in 1998: as a hand-made precision model the C 140 Coupé inspires with its attention to detail. The model car was created using the original CAD data and is finished in an authentic paintwork colour. The interior of the car, with its accurate reproduction of every detail, is equally impressive along with a high-quality printed interior and the flock-lined interior floor and boot floor. The doors, bonnet and tailgate of the car can be opened, allowing closer inspection of the model car's interior. The precision model of the C 140 is supplied in Mercedes-Benz Classic packaging and includes a screwdriver and a glove.

- Model series: CL 600 – C 140
- Scale: 1:18
- Material: Die-cast zinc with plastic parts
- Hand-assembled from over 120 individual parts
- Doors, bonnet and tailgate can be opened
- By Norev for Mercedes-Benz

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