300 SL Computer Mouse
300 SL Computer Mouse

300 SL Computer Mouse

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Part Number: B66041625

Styled in the shape of a 300 SL, the computer mouse in red plastic is compatible with all standard operating systems. The mouse connects to the PC via plug-and-play, supports the 2.4 GHz wireless protocol and has a high-resolution 800 dpi optical sensor that can be switched over to 1,600 dpi. A working radius of up to ten metres ensures a high degree of flexibility. A genuine highlight: styled in line with the 300 SL, the mouse has LED headlamps and tail lights that can be switched on and off. When the LED lights are switched off, the mouse can be used for several months at a time before needing new batteries.

- Colour: red
- Material: plastic
- 2.4 GHz wireless technology
- Max. working radius 10 metres
- Compatible with all standard operating systems

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